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Features & Benefits

• Improves on standard autoclave principles 
     - No "cold spots", thus All waste treated is Fully Sterilized 

• Safe, easy operation -- fully automated 
     - Hands-Free Loading, via Autoloader. 
     - Graphic Touch-Screen Operator Control.
     - Process governed by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)  

• Unique, patented rotating internal drum 
     - Exposes all waste to direct contact with sterilizing steam 
     - Angular surfaces provide thorough agitation throughout treatment 

• Sterilization of all waste in only 15 minutes 
     - 8 Log10 microbial inactivation of B. Stearothermophilus 

• Extremely low operating cost
     - No consumables needed 
     - Very low utilities cost 

• Steam-Jet Vacuum & Condensate System 
     - Pre vacuum allows immediate heat-up 
     - Eliminates venting of steam to atmosphere 
     - Dries the waste load with post-vacuum cycle 

• Friendly to the environment 
     - No harmful emissions 

• Harmless end-product 
     - Volume reduction up to 80% via Grinder   
     - Ground Sterile End Product acceptable at landfills