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- Medical Waste Processing (RMW)
- Infectious Animal Carcass Sterilization
- Volume Reduction & Recovery - Usually Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

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Medical Waste Processing (RMW)

"On Site" Rotoclave® systems at Hospitals


It is safer to treat medical waste as close to its generation point as possible. What may not be known is that it is also less expensive.


One of our Rotoclave® models can usually fit into an existing hospital space, preferably near the hospital boiler. Generally, the existing hospital boiler and cooling tower (or chiller system), can be used in conjunction with the Rotoclave Ò  system.


The low operating costs of the Rotoclave Ò  , along with the haul away savings provided by a sterile and volume reduced end product, allows the hospital to save significantly on its overall medical waste disposal costs.


Regional Medical Waste Processing Plants


Regional Medical Waste processing plants using the Rotoclave Ò  technology, gain the support of local and national permitting agencies due to its verifiable record of operator safety and environmentally friendly operations.  There have been NO operator injuries reported over 12 years of operation and thousands of cycles.  Also, there are NO harmful emissions from the Rotoclave Ò system. These facts are documented by numerous reports, the summaries of which are available on this site.

Very low operating costs of the Rotoclave Ò, extraordinarily high effectiveness, along with NO pollution, have medical waste processing plants around the world converting from incineration and other alternative treatment methods, to the Rotoclave Ò.  No more worries about ever tightening government emissions regulations !!