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This page presents the normal operating cycle of a typical Rotoclave® system being used in a hospital.  The pictures reflect the ease of operation, safety of the operator, hands free operation and the successful resulting sterilization and destruction of the waste. 

Rotoclave® Ready to Begin Cycle

Operator rolls cart to Autoloader

 Loading medical waste into the Rotoclave®

Partially loaded Rotoclave®

 Rotoclave® during unattended sterilization cycle

 Ready for automatic discharge
(Note Significant Volume Reduction)

Waste automatically discharging to conveyor

Sterile waste moving to
grinder via conveyor

Reloading vessel while sterile
waste continues to grinder

Operator continues to reload the Rotoclave® while
load completes the grinding cycle

Vecoplan Heavy-Duty Grinder

Ground waste discharging from grinder 

Sterile-Harmless end product
discharging into compactor

(Compactor not furnished by Tempico) 

If you would like a copy of these pictures, you can download the attached Pdf. file and print them on your color printer.

Attached File: WebStoryline.pdf (986303 bytes)