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- Model 1050-H1
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Tempico's RotoclaveŽ Systems have been designed to accommodate a wide range of treatment needs. All RotoclaveŽ systems are completely automated and provide thorough sterilization of all waste in a closed system. The end product is physically harmless and volume reduced by up to 80%. It can then be placed in a landfill with general municipal waste. There is no adverse environmental impact as a result of RotoclaveŽ processing!

Standard equipment on all RotoclaveŽ Systems: 
ˇ  Stainless Steel Pressure vessel
ˇ  Simple "touch screen" operator control panel 
ˇ  Electrical distribution panel including programmable
   logic controller (PLC) 
ˇ  Steam jet ejector vacuum system with condensers and 
   condensate holding tank 
ˇ  Heavy duty Vecoplan Grinder on Medical Waste Systems

*All models may be ordered without size reduction equipment if desired. The volume reduction would then be approximately 50-60%. 

Ancillary Equipment
Cooling water, steam generation, and compressed air systems are required for "stand-alone" plants. For "on-site" installations at hospitals, the existing hospital boiler and cooling tower (or chiller) can be used.