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Model K Series


This page is still under development.  We will present the larger size systems which are presently available to large commercial processing facility and are being designed to each specific customer's needs.  These units will be sized as follows:

  1.  6' X 18'
  2.  7' X 20'   
  3.  8' X 25
  4. 10' X 50'

If you have a specific need, please contact Tempico for an evaluation of the potential system you would need.  Call:

William Sanchez or Craig Boots
Ph: 985-429-9929


This is a picture of the 7' X 20' Vessel as it arrived in our shop from the pressure vessel fabricator.  Oue engineer, Craig Boots who is about 5' 8" tall, is shown next to the vessel to give a perspective as to the overall size of this system.  It is the largest medical treatment vessel that we have built to date.



This picture reflects the 7' X 20' system with conveyors on location at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD., USA.  This system is in operation 16 hours a day.