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Model 1050-H1

MODEL 1050 - H1

The Model 1050-H1 is a recent addition to the Rotoclave® product line.  It was designed for the smallest of waste generators’ space requirements and budgets.  An additional benefit is that the grinder can be placed in a different room if space is a problem.

  • Processing vessel size – approximately 3’ x 4’ (.9m x 1.2m)
  • Internal Drum Volume (100%) 24 Cubic Feet (0.65 Cubic Meter) 
  • Cycle time (including loading and unloading) – approximately 45 minutes


  • Touch screen operator panel
  • Aluminum Cart for discharging sterile waste from vessel
  • Loader to transfer sterile waste into grinder
  • Heavy duty grinder 

    Because of the small size, the Rotoclave® vessel autoloader and conveyors are not necessary for this model.