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Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Report

State of Louisiana
Department of Health and Hospitals

Office of Public Health
Division of Laboratories
325 Loyola Av., Suite 709, New Orleans, LA 70112-1829

Prepared by: Susan Larsen Daigle
Health Laboratory Assistant Director, Administration
Division of Laboratories, Office of Public Health
Department of Health and Hospitals

Time at Temperature Sterilization Assessment
Three separate test runs to determine the lower time at temperature required to reach a 6 Log10 and an 8 Log10 reduction of microorganisms processed through the Tempico Rotoclave® System were performed at the North Oaks Medical Center in Hammond, Louisiana on October 7, 1998. Microbiological assessments of the test organisms were performed the same day at the Amite Public Health Laboratory, Amite, Louisiana.

This document details the assessment procedures, the results of the assessments, interpretation of the results and implications of the results on the lower time required to achieve sterilization.

In general we have determined that an 8 Log10 reduction of the test microorganism is achieved in a 5 minute processing time when all waste is in direct contact with steam at or above 45 psi and 135°C. This would allow Tempico to reduce its current programmed time for the Rotoclave® of 30 minutes to 5 minutes and still achieve sterilization.

For a complete copy of the report, please contact Tempico for a downloadable Pdf file.